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Industrial Reactor
    • Stainless Steel Reactor

      Contact NowStainless Steel ReactorStainless Steel ReactorStainless steel reactor is widely used in industrial manufacture in oil chemicals, pharmaceuticals, dyes, mining etc.Specifications and Technical ParametersTypeGSH-500~20,000LVoRead More2015-12-31

    • Pyrolysis Reactor

      Contact NowPyrolysis ReactorPyrolysis Reactor is used for pyrolysis reaction under high temperature and pressure.Read More2016-01-30

    • Pilot Reactor

      Contact NowPilot ReactorPilot ReactorPilot Reactor is a transition equipment between lab reactor and industrial reactor, prepare expanding reaction data from small scale to a large scale.Specifications and Technical ParametersTypeGSH-Read More2016-01-07

    • Teflon Lined Reactor

      Contact NowTeflon Lined ReactorTeflon Lined ReactorTeflon lined reactor is specially used for corrosion medium (eg strong acid & alkali, organic solvent), to ensure reaction in a pure condition, also protect reactor kettle from corRead More2015-12-31

    • Hydrogenation Reactor

      Contact NowHydrogenation ReactorHydrogenation ReactorHydrogenation reactor is widely used in petroleum, chemical, rubber, pesticide, dye, medicine and food industry, to complete the process of sulfide, hydrogenation, alkylation, polRead More2015-12-31

    • Jacket Reactor

      Contact NowJacket ReactorJacket ReactorJacket reactor has a jacket/shirt outside the reaction kettle, the heating or cooling medium like thermal oil, water, steam can flows into jacket in order to control kettle temperature dRead More2015-12-31

    • Batch Reactor

      Contact NowBatch ReactorBatch ReactorBatch reactor is suitable for small lots, multi reactants and long period reactions.Reactants are put into batch reactor in one time, mixing and reaction happens inside kettle, after achiRead More2015-12-31

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