Whether your goal is to launch a new brand, gain more exposure for your existing brand, or raise awareness about any aspect of your business or services, Public Relations remains the most effective way to heighten brand recognition.

Why is PR so effective? Well, what could be more compelling than being vouched for by a trusted source? Not to mention, PR is one of the best ways to boost your SEO.

The Social Agency offers the following PR services:



What makes your business newsworthy? Are there trends happening in the media that are related to your news? These are the types of questions we’ll ask to help shape up an effective PR campaign.


Let us craft a press release that gets media attention. We’ll share your news so that resonates with media and the public. We’ll curate a heavy-hitting media list for you, and set up your wire distribution as well as track and share all the great results.


Our approach to PR is pretty simple. We work with you to uncover the most compelling and media worthy stories. Then we transform those stories into personalized story pitches that will best showcase your expertise in a way that meets the needs and trends the media is pursuing.


Nervous about being on camera or being interviewed? We will ensure you feel prepared and help you stay on message.


Connect with your target audience by partnering with influencers who already have their attention. We can come up with the ideas, content and coordinate partnerships that help introduce your brand to your demographic.


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