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Our Strategic Plans are designed to provide you with a roadmap that will guide all of your cross-channel social media activities, and effectively engage your online audiences while strengthening and broadening the reach of your brand presence. You can expect a robust and dynamic document customized to your business and industry, containing powerful insights and guidelines that your team can easily follow and implement as you set out to strategically manage the day-to-day activities on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and other social media channels.

TSA’s Strategic Plans are created to put your business on the right track to achieve your online marketing goals, by optimally showcasing the work you’re doing, to quality audiences at the most impactful times. Let’s talk about what the results you want to achieve and what we can do to get your business there.



Success Metrics for Your Social Media - The Social Agency Port Moody BC

Defining Success

We'll begin by clearly defining your marketing goals, and identifying the metrics we'll use to define and measure success. Whether you bring TSA on to manage your monthly social media needs or not, each Strategic Plan will equip you to define and measure success for your business and team in the most effective way possible.

Defined metrics will equip you to continue to evolve your social media content strategy, in a way that garners maximum online reach, engagement, and sales.

Audience and Competitive Analysis for your Social Media Channels - The Social Agency Port Moody BC

Audience + Competitive Analysis

To help you understand where your company stands in comparison to market standards in your industry, we go through an objective & subjective analysis of your competition’s digital channels, sourcing key take-aways to provide meaningful insights to your strategic approach.

We also analyze your audience by groups, defining who they are, which channels they use and what their consuming habits are.

Social Media Audit for Your Business Accounts - The Social Agency Port Moody BC

SOCIAL media

Then, we move to a complete an audit of your website and social media accounts, putting your digital channels under our analytical microscope. Through this process, we identify all of the key strengths and weaknesses that need to be addressed as we shape up your new Strategic Plan.

Content Calendar for your Business Social Media Accounts - The Social Agency Port Moody BC

Dynamic Content Calendar

Through the process outlined above, and with our team's injection of creativity and visual storytelling, we’ll create a well-organized content calendar that will equip us to map out your content for the months ahead, taking your team's overall marketing calendar into account and including all social advertising specifications.

Our content calendars provide you with high-levels strategies for working with influencers and industry partners, and executing any giveaways or campaigns.


Our passion is to help organizations strategize the most compelling, meaningful and effective ways to share their stories and engage with their audiences online.

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